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Volunteering FAQ

Volunteering FAQ

Is there a minimum age for volunteering?

In order to volunteer with us you must be aged 18 or over.

Is there a maximum age for volunteering?

There is no upper age limit for volunteering with the hospice. Provided you are able to carry out the role effectively you can volunteer for us.

What training will I receive?

When you start as a volunteer you will be issued with a New Starter Pack containing all the information that you will need regarding the hospice and your new volunteer role.

You will then receive on the role training alongside a member of staff or another experienced volunteer, depending on the department. In some cases, such as Bereavement Counselling, there is the requirement to complete a more in depth training programme before undertaking your new role.

Every new member of staff and volunteer must also attend the hospice Induction and Mandatory Training session once you have started.

How often can I volunteer?

By becoming a volunteer you will be offering you precious time and we like to ensure that is treated respectfully. In most cases a new volunteer will carry out one ‘shift’ per week that will usually last a few hours. Each role is different and some areas operate on a more ad hoc basis such as fundraising events and raffle ticket sales.

In the end we try to make arrangements that work best both for the volunteer and the hospice.