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Together We Will Protect Our Local Hospice

Together We Will Protect Our Local Hospice

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact across the county, with no area left untouched. As a specialist healthcare provider, Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw have treated local people with the virus, ensuring every family receives end of life care filled with compassion and dignity.

At a time when fundraising activities have stopped and our charity shops are beginning to re-open, the hospice is in the unfortunate situation whereby the need for specialist, compassionate care is increasing but charitable income has taken a drastic downturn.

At a time when the hospice is still in great need of funding to secure the future of the hospice, your support will help our vital care today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

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Hospice supporter, Don Marks, is championing a campaign to raise vital income for Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw as he aims to protect the future of your local hospice.

Don explained, “I was first introduced to the hospice three years ago by one of their volunteers, Jim Boyle, who invited me to look around the Sensory Room in Jigsaw which needed new flooring and I offered to lay it for them. When I visited the hospice I realised that they needed our help after seeing the important work they do.

“Following my first visit to Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw my fundraising began and in the last three years I have completed a range of fundraising and helped with various projects. This includes the Ride the Lights in Blackpool, helping Carlisle United to send a family to the Winter Wonderland in London and helping to create a pharmacy room and office in Jigsaw as well as re-laying the carpets in their Butterfly Room.

“Back in March I was made aware of the financial position the hospice is in and I want to help raise money to protect the future of the hospice. I am calling on the people of Cumbria to help and support in any way that they can.”

To find out more about Don’s fundraising campaign please click here.

The care provided at the hospice is completely free of charge for those who need to access it – families, friends, neighbours, colleagues. However, it costs over £450 per hour to deliver this care, and as a local charity, we have to fund the first £350.

The hospice’s income was severely affected by the closure of all our shops in March, with only half our shops currently re-opened. Many of the hospices event and fundraising in the local community have been cancelled, postponed or scaled back compared to previous years and there are questions about whether 2021 will be much the same.

The hospice is needed more than every by the local community and in 2021 Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw will be celebrating 30 years of care in the local community.

Your support can make a difference!