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Bikes Boats Boots

Bikes Boats Boots

What do I need to know:

Bikes Boats Boots will be hosted with the support of The Adventure Element. To find out more about The Adventure Element and the challenge please see the questions below: 

Who are The Adventure Element? 

The Adventure Element Ltd. specialise in outdoor adventures, expeditions and event management. With a history in the adventure industry, which covers nearly 30 years, they have meticulously planned and delivered projects and events around the world.

Through their extensive experience they have great expertise in the delivery of a variety of events that include canoeing, cycling and mountain treks. 

The Adventure Element is proud of their motto ‘Your Adventure in Safe Hands’. When undertaking a project such as this, the company’s priority is to ensure the safety of all participants and staff from the outset. This is achieved through good reconnaissance, detailed planning and ensuring the right staff and resources are utilised.

They pride themselves in delivering programmes and events that reflect the vision of the organiser and ambition of the competitor. This coupled with a safety procedure, great staff and a back-up system to match, ensures that safety is not compromised in any way and risks are minimised.

Read more about The Adventure Element.

Bikes – The Cycling Element 

For an additional charge, participants can be supplied with an all-terrain bike and helmet. 

Participants are able to use their own bikes. These will be checked by mechanics prior to the event for safety and suitability. A mountain bike style bike may be more appropriate than a road bike as some of the cycle route follows a gravel track.

Leading up to, and on the day of the event, the route will be monitored for road works and any hazards. By doing this, the route can be altered prior to the event taking place.

Other information:

  • Route will be marked by large bright arrows

  • Qualified mechanics available throughout the event

  • Support vehicle trailing the route, acting as a ‘broom-wagon’

  • Teams set off at timed intervals

  • GPX file of route available to participants prior to event

  • Marshalls will be stationed at key risk areas on the route

  • Each participant and bike will be fitted with a coloured emergency card showing contact numbers and participants details

Boats – The Canoe Phase 

A 3-4km route will be marked on the lake using coloured buoys. The route will be determined by conditions on the day of the event. Two person canoes will be rafted together for a team of four. This method provides the most stable platform to run an event such as this from, as they are almost impossible to capsize.

Other Information

  • Full safety cover provided

  • Paddles and buoyancy aids provided

  • All rafts are identically made

  • Bike security provided whilst teams are on the lake

Boots – The Mountain Phase 

The out and back route used is from Greenside Mines, Glenridding, to the summit of Helvellyn 949m. The duration is approx 5 hours. Teams work together to ensure safety at all times. This is monitored by the marshals at intervals along the route.

Teams are ‘checked’ in at various points on the route to ensure safety.

Other Information 

  • Fully marshalled route at key navigational locations 
  • Mountain Leader qualified staff used as marshals 
  • Participants provided with hi-viz jacket for visibility 
  • All participants personal equipment is checked at registration to ensure suitability 
  • Participants provided with waterproof map of route 
  • Bike security will be provided whilst teams are on the mountain 

What happens if Covid-19 restrictions affect this event?

We are working hard to ensure that all of our events are compliant with the latest government guidance with regards to COVID-19 safety. We are constantly reviewing our procedures in line with updates and will share all relevant information with participants as it arises. Should there be the need to cancel any event due to COVID-19 restrictions then alternative arrangements for the event will be shared.

How fit do I have to be?

Bikes Boats Boots is not made for elite athletes, and no prior canoeing experience is required. We do recommend you are fit enough to complete the day, as the fitter you are the more fun you will have taking in the beautiful surroundings with your team.

Do I have to carry all my stuff?

The good news is your clothing for each element will be transferred between stages. Using coloured tags with the participant name for their various bags. Th coloured tags signify which bag needs to be where on the course i.e. blue tag = water, green tag = mountain.

Do I have to have a team of four?

No, of course you don't. You can sign up individially, as a couple or a larger group. Prior to the event we will ensure that all participants have been allocated a team of four for the day. A team of four will provide you with some much needed companionship, moral support and a great crew of fundraisers for the canoe section.

Environmental Impact 

Eden Valley Hospice, Jigsaw and The Adventure Element firmly believe in ‘leaving only (small) footprints’, and the Adventure Element manage events so that they have minimal impact on the environment. 

The measures we take are: 

  • Where the event uses the open environment a financial donation is made to the charities whose role it is to help with conservation e.g.: The John Muir Trust; Fix the Fells. 
  • All participants are advised regarding Bio-security to ensure no cross-contamination of water courses 
  • All boats and equipment are washed in clean water prior to and following the event. 
  • Single use plastic is used to a minimum. i.e. participants are advised to bring their own water bottles and water containers are available at rest stops. 
  • Participants are advised to use public transport or car-share to access the event wherever possible. 

How will I know the route? 

  • All participants will receive a GPX file of the route prior to the event. This can be uploaded to a GPS device. 

  • The cycling route will be route marked with large arrows. These will be in place the day before the event. In addition, a support vehicle will drive at the rear of the event for safety and mechanical issues.  

  • Participants will receive a detailed waterproof map of the walking route. This will also have event emergency numbers on. 

  • The canoe route will have powerboat safety cover.