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30 Ideas for 30 Years

30 Ideas for 30 Years

Social distancing and staying at home doesn’t mean you fundraising efforts have to come to an end. With Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2021, we have created 30 Ideas for you to help our vital care whilst you are at home.

1. Virtual Auction or Bingo on Facebook Live

You can download auction and bingo software for online bids and games, then go live to your friends and family!

2. Netflix Party

Netflix has a new feature which allows you to host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties. It synchronizes video playback and creates a group chat so you can still crack out the popcorn and have that movie marathon with your friends without any of you leaving your sofa. Ask people to donate to take part.

3. 1991 Movie Marathon

With Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw welcoming our first patients in 1991, why not host a move marathon with films from this year? There is an amazing selection of films you can watch from the year, including:

  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Theives
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Hook
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • The Addams Family

There really is a film for all the family to watch during a 1991 movie marathon.

4. Lunch Money

If you or your colleagues are working from home, or avoiding your local shopping area, why not donate what you would normally spend on lunch to your fundraising total.

5. Coffee Money

If you or your colleagues are working from home, or if you’re avoiding your local shopping area, why not donate what you would normally spend on coffee to your fundraising total.

6. Nights out Money

If you’re stuck at home, why not donate what you would normally spend on your night out to your fundraising total.

7. Commute Money

With many people working from home and not travelling to the office using your car, bus or train, why not donate the money you have saved from your weekly commute to the hospice.

8. Cost of your daily chocolate bar

With our cupboards filled with Christmas chocolates, we won’t have to buy any more chocolate until the end of the month. Why not donate the money you have saved from buying your daily bar of chocolate to your local hospice?

9. Push Up, Squat or Lunge Challenge

Ask competitors to pay £2 then film themselves doing as many of the exercise as they can. The most repetitions completed wins a prize. A great way to keep the whole family entertained and fit!

If you want to make it tougher, why not try a ‘Bring Sally Up’ challenge. Play the song ‘Flower’ by Moby and when the lyrics say, “bring Sally down” you will start your rep, such as a squat or press up, then complete the rep when the lyrics say “bring Sally up”, e.g. standing up from squat position or pushing up with a press-up. In the gaps between those lyrics you must hold the position. Continue until the song ends or you can’t do anymore!

N.B. Please ensure this is done safely and after taking advice from a personal trainer or doctor.

10. Walking, Running or Cycling Challenge

Make the most of your daily exercise and add creating a fundraising challenge to keep you motivated. Whether you walk 1 mile, run 6 miles or cycle 10 miles every day encourage your friends and family to sponsor you as you take on this sporting challenge.

11. Organise a Sweepstake for a Sporting Event

With Elite sport set to continue, why not host a sweepstake for your favourite sporting events. This could be a weekend of Premier League football matches, the FA Cup 3rd Round, a weekend of rugby union or a sports event of your choice.

Ask your friends and family to donate £1, £2 or £5 to purchase a sports team. The winner will receive 25% of the total and the runner up gets their money back.

12. Virtual Playground Tag

Who didn’t love a game of tig in the playground when we were kids? Encourage your followers to play online by donating £5 and tag five of their friends to do the same. TAG you’re it!

13. Online Tutorial

Find someone else who is willing to donate their services for an evening to host an online tutorial. For example, a beauty therapist could host a live make-up tutorial, a baker could show people how to decorate cupcakes.

14. Host a Craft Masterclass

Are you good at painting? A whiz with a sowing machine? Or enjoy making birthday cards?

With people spending more time in the house and the wintry weather here, many people will be looking at learning new skills and you could help them. If you have a craft skill, why not host a virtual masterclass on Facebook or Zoom and charge people a donation for sharing your skills.

15. £5 Draw

Ask people to donate £5 to enter a draw. The winner gets 25% of the total and the runner-up gets their £5 back.

16. Bonus Ball Lotto

People pay £2 to select a number between 1 and 59, and if that is drawn as the UK National Lottery Bonus Ball, the person who has chosen that number wins the prize pot (excluding a 50% charity donation).

17. Online Quiz and Raffle Night

Host an online pub quiz and a virtual raffle. Just because you can’t get to the pub doesn’t mean you can’t take part in a good old quiz. Set strict rules on not Googling the answers!

18. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

You don’t have to leave your house to take part in an online scavenger hunt. Create a list of items (for example, a seashell, a blue teacup, yesterday’s paper, a jigsaw piece) that participants must find within their homes within a set amount of time. They then share photos with other treasure hunters.

You can host this as a live event – with people paying to enter a private Facebook group and release an item every 5 minutes. Or you can release the whole list and the winner is the person to ‘collect’ all items first.

19. Online Treasure Hunt

Plan a virtual route. Give out directions at the start as cryptic clues that must be solved using Google Maps in order to find the next location. People pay to play, and the winner is the one to finish first. Be creative!
Your clues can be all over the world. For example, start in London.

Clue 1: Let’s get started, keep an eye on the time. I’m the subject of a nursery rhyme. Answer: London Bridge.

Clue 2: From this bridge you will find, this majestic ship that’s not Drake’s Hinde. Answer: HMS Belfast.

Clue 3: A doomed ship started life here but where was it supposed to end up? Answer: The Titanic’s destination was New York. Etc.

20. Coin Hunt

We hear how much money is stuck down the back of sofas, so why not see what you can find in your furniture? This might be the one bit of time you ever to focus on such as experience. What can you find?

Then maybe round-up what you find to the nearest pound and donate it online.

21. Birthday or Anniversary Card Amnesty

Ask your friends to send you a small donation instead of a card or present.

22. Daring Challenges

The ice bucket challenge is a classic. Why not come up with a new challenge that’s just as daring!

Sponsored head shave or leg/chest wax A traditional fundraiser that always drums up support. Why not live stream to your followers while you are getting it do.

23. Join the Hospice Lottery

For just £2 a week, you have can support the vital care and compassion at Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw whilst having the opportunity to win £1,000 every Friday. Sign up to the hospice lottery today and protect your local hospice.

Click here to join the Hospice Lottery today.

24. Remember a loved one on our Memory Tree

Your Memory Tree provides a lasting tribute to those you care about who have affected your life in a positive way. The handmade, bespoke Memory Tree features 450 leaves in three hues that can be engraved with the name of your loves one.

Celebrate their life with this lasting tribute.

Click here to remember a loved one.

25. 1991 Themed Dance Party or Music Festival

The One and Only – Chesney Hawkes
The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in HIs Kiss) - Cher
Holiday – Madonna
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You – Bryan Adams

Music has the power to evoke memories, it can transport us back to a special place, transport us to a night out or make us smile. To celebrate the hospice’s 30th Anniversary and to enjoy a night out in your own house, why not host a Facebook Live or Zoom Party or Music Festival with your family and friends.

26. Online Gig

Are you a member of a band, singer or can play a musical instrument?

Take your musical talent online through a virtual gig on Facebook, Instagram or Zoom and ask people to make a donation to watch your gig.

27. Virtual Book Club

Are you a member of a book club? If not, why not create your own book club online?

Reading a book has the opportunity to transport us into another world and hours can pass by as we enjoy a good book, so why not share a good book with your friends and family through a Book Club? You could ask people to donate to join the club or donate the money you would gave spend on drinks and snacks you would have enjoyed when the group would get together.

28. Gaming Marathons

Whether you play FIFA, Call of Duty or any other games console game, you can host your own gaming marathon and live stream on Facebook, Zoom or Twitch. Bring your friends and family together for an afternoon, evening or day of gaming fun.

Whether people donate to join your game or sponsor you to keep on gaming, your support can help local people with life limiting illnesses.

29. Virtual Cooking Lessons

Whether you are a seasons bake or a master chef, you can share your skills, knowledge and recipes with a virtual cooking masterclass on Facebook or Zoom. Ask people to donate to join you cooking masterclass, with people being able to cook along or save the recipe for later.

Not only will your skills support your local hospice people will be able to enjoy a mouth-watering meal too.

30. Amazon Smile

Shopping online with Amazon Smile is a fantastic and east way for you to support Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw. Every time you buy an eligible product via Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) to your chosen charity, at no additional cost to you or your chosen charity.

Click here to find out more about Amazon Smile