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Our Butterfly Suite

Our Butterfly Suite

The Butterfly Suite provides a private and peaceful bedroom and lounge, a place for families to take time to say goodbye to children after they have died.

We understand that the death of a child is one of the most heart-breaking experiences that a family will ever go through. Even though grieving is a natural response, it can be so painful and overwhelming that day to day living may become hard to manage.

Jigsaw can offer a space for your child to be cared for after their death, and also for you, as parents, to stay as well. Your child will be cared for in our Butterfly Room which is dedicated for this purpose and has a cooled bedroom with an attached lounge for parents and family members to be nearby.

Families are able to bring favourite toys, belongings and photos to make the room personal to them. This provides an opportunity to spend precious, quality time close to your child. Our care team are here to give help and guidance with practical arrangements. They can also help with making keepsakes using finger, hand or footprints of the child.

Care in the Butterfly Suite is provided by Jigsaw Staff and during that time we will work side by side with funeral directors and yourselves to provide personal care to your child.

Private accommodation is available for families to stay, if required. Bereavement support continues for as long as it is needed and counselling can be provided if you feel it would be helpful.

Who can access the Butterfly Suite?

Any family living within the local area can access the Butterfly Suite after the death of their child, even if the family is not previously known to Jigsaw. Our care teams are here to support every local family during this difficult time.

What is the Butterfly Suite like?

Below, you can take a tour of one area of the Butterfly Suite.

How do I get more information about the Butterfly Suite? 

If you have any questions about Jigsaw's Butteryfly Suite please contact Jigsaw on 01228 817630 or email care@jigsawhospice.org