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When we are facing a painful or difficult time in our lives, when we feel tangled- up and anxious, talking with a qualified counsellor can help make sense of confusing thoughts and feelings.

Effective counselling is respectful, non-judgemental and confidential, and creates the right conditions for free and honest expression of whatever is troubling you.

Talking with a skilled listener about your thoughts and feelings can be more useful than trying to understand or analyse them in your head alone. Being well listened to can lead you to listen to yourself a little differently and this can bring about helpful changes in how you view the problem you are facing.

Most people who come for counselling say they feel better just for being listened to properly, but counselling is not a soft option: it can be truly challenging. Facing doubts and fears in therapy often feels risky at first, but it can help people come to terms with their prognosis and face the future with courage, resilience and hope.

Anyone wanting to access the service please refer via the hospice 01228 810801.