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Our Family Stories

Our Family Stories

“Jigsaw offers all the clinical care Fraser needs, but in a place that feels like home.”

Fraser is the second oldest of our four children. He has Cerebral Palsy and needs round-the-clock care. For the first 13 years of his life we cared for him on our own; didn’t know there was a place we could turn to. Having Jigsaw in our lives has really given our whole family a chance for new experiences. Fraser now has somewhere he can go and enjoy himself. He doesn’t like ‘new’ places but he’s really grown to love Jigsaw.

For the rest of us, it’s given us a few days each year where we can be together without having to always consider Fraser’s needs – because we know he’s getting the best possible care. These days away, focusing on our other children, have been so vital to us – and we only have those times thanks to Jigsaw.


“Jigsaw is where Cameron goes to have life.”

Cameron’s been coming to Jigsaw for more than 10 years now, it’s like his second home. He needs constant one-to-one care, 24 hours a day. I know he’ll get that at Jigsaw and I know that even if he’s not feeling well they’ll be able to care for him properly. It’s so clear that the staff treat him as an individual and look to find the potential he has to achieve something new every time he goes.

I’m a single parent and Jigsaw have been a constant support for me as well. My older son moved to Australia and I thought I’d never be able to go over to see him. But Jigsaw stepped in; actually volunteered to look after Cameron for a whole week so I could see my other son. No-one else could have offered that to us. It’s a precious, unique place for families like ours.


“Caring for a disabled child can be hard, a bad day can feel like weeks.”

We have two boys and now another little one on the way. Blake, our second child, is three years old and has severe brain damage caused by oxygen starvation at birth. Blake’s care needs are demanding, which impacts any quality time with our older son. And we’ll have a baby in the house soon too!

Jigsaw provides care for Blake so we can reboot, spend time as a couple, have quality time with our older son or just catch up with everyday tasks. Jigsaw gives Blake a safe, comfortable place to go where all of his care needs are met – and he loves it there! He’s a little charmer with his curly hair and long eyelashes and the nurses give him so much attention and fuss.

When Blake’s there, we know he’s getting the care he needs. He stays overnight which gives me and my husband the opportunity to have an unbroken night’s sleep. I know I can call anytime during the night to check on him if I want. It’s incredibly reassuring.