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Stories from Jigsaw

Stories from Jigsaw

“We’re sure Esmee would tell you she loved Jigsaw if she could”

Our daughter Esmee has been coming to Jigsaw for a few years, and it’s a lifeline for us. Esmee was born ‘floppy’ – with an undiagnosed neurological disorder; it’s how she’s been her whole life now. She has no independent movement or speech.

There’s just nowhere else like Jigsaw for her. Esmee has seizures almost constantly but we know that the Jigsaw nurses will be with her all the time, caring for her with the same love and attention we give her. The sensory room is wonderful and we know for certain a day at Jigsaw has been a day packed with fun for her; we often come back to find she’s painted a picture for us to take home.

It’s a drive for us to come up from Kendal – but we look forward to the journey because we know Esmee is going to have such a great time and that means the world to us.

Tim and Lorraine Brown

“I feel like he is going on a mini holiday.”

Jigsaw hospice has been a lifeline for me and my family, it gives us a time to relax, recharge our batteries and most importantly spend one to one time with my daughter and partner. My son Max takes a lot of looking after to keep him happy and well and it can be exhausting at times. When I drop him off at Jigsaw I feel like he is going on a mini holiday too, he gets played with and cuddles and all the nurses are trained so I don’t need to worry about him at all.

We all feel so welcomed when we go into Jigsaw, they are like our extended family. My daughter Eve loves the sibling days, she likes meeting other kids that are in a similar situation as her, they are not only brother and sisters but young carers and helpers for their parents and siblings. I also enjoy mums night at Jigsaw where I get a chance to meet other mums who's kids attend Jigsaw, it's great having them to talk too and someone to understand what it's like.

Gill Blythe

“The staff are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet.”

Having a child with profound and complex needs is hard on the whole family, its hard to hear your child is eligible for hospice care. From the moment we stepped into Jigsaw we felt a sense of relief, we had found somewhere we fitted, somewhere Holly could have fun, be so well cared for and make memories.

The staff are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet, they go above and beyond to ensure Holly has a great time, is included and at the same time her medical needs are met. Knowing that Holly is being so well looked after and that she is having fun with her friends, allows us to spend quality time with her sisters. The support Jigsaw provide is essential to families like ours, they keep us going on the good days and the bad.

Stevi Robertson

“I love coming to Jigsaw”

I love coming to Jigsaw because the staff make me laugh because their funny. One day another girl who was at jigsaw threw an eggshell at a heath cares head, it really made me laugh. Another reason why I like coming to Jigsaw is always something to do like baking, crafts and pampering. I also like when we can go out places, yesterday [Wednesday 22 May] we went to the cinema to see Aladdin. It was so much fun being with everybody. I absolutely love their bath because I can go in it because they have a hoist to help you to get in it.

Jigsaw Young Adult