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Preparation For Adulthood

Preparation For Adulthood

Jigsaw provides care for young adults until they are 25 years old and we know growing up can be difficult especially for young adults with a life limiting condition. It can be challenging for young adults and their families going through the process from children’s services to adult services.

Jigsaw recognises the importance of working closely with professionals from the relevant multi-disciplinary teams to ensure a positive approach for supporting young adults through the move of services. A monthly multidisciplinary meeting is held to discuss each young adults’ needs ensuring they are being addressed and appropriate services are provided.

Future Plans

We aim to provide a Saturday Club for young adults between 16 and 25 years old. It will be a fun interactive session where staff will be guided by the young adults as to what they would like from the service as well as some planned activities such as music and quizzes.

The service will ensure the young adults become familiar with the adult services on offer but remain supported by Jigsaw and will enable young adults and their families to discuss any queries. Signposting to adult services can be advocated for families, where staff can liaise with professionals in adult education, social care and health care settings and advise the young adult and their family on the transition progress. Our main aim is for everyone to be fully prepared for the changes from children’s services to adult services and for the transition to be as smooth as possible.