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A View into Jigsaw

A View into Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a place of fun and laughter where children and young adults can stay and create memories which will last a lifetime. Our welcoming and safe atmosphere provides a place for children and young adults to receive the care and attention they require. Here we provide you with a virtual view into some of the key areas within Jigsaw, please select the different areas within Jigsaw and immerse yourself with a 360 degree digital tour of our facilities.

Hospice Entrance

The Jigsaw Reception 

Step into your local children's Hospice.

The Fold

The Butterfly Suite

Take a look inside our Butterfly suite.

The Kitchen

The Jigsaw Kitchen

This is our kitchen where lots of great memories have been made.

Bedroom 1

The Smoothie Bar

Take a look at the many activities in our Smoothie Bar.

Day Hospice

The Sensory Corridor

Take a walk through the Sensory Corridor.

Family Support

A Jigsaw Bedroom

One of our bedroom's within Jigsaw.