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Cancer Chat Café Opening in Carlisle

Living With and Beyond Cancer – a cancer support service offering a friendly listening ear, information on a wide range of issues and signposting to local services- is launching a new Cancer Chat Café in Carlisle in March. The Café drop in will be held at the Morton Manor Community Centre, Carlisle on the first Monday of every month starting on 2 March 2020 and we will be available between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

The Cancer Chat Café brings people together in a friendly and informal way, encouraging a feeling of commonality and allowing people to speak freely about their experiences. Our Living with and Beyond Cancer Support Volunteers and Eden Valley Hospice Volunteers will be there to host the sessions.

Having a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, isolating, stressful and terrifying but getting together with others who are facing similar problems can really help. Being part of a group can create a sense of belonging that helps people feel more understood and less alone. Meeting for coffee and a chat brings with it an element of normality at a time when ‘normal’ feels quite distant.

We know from research and by listening to people who have cancer that thousands of people feel isolated from family and friends. Some people are too proud to ask for help, others don’t want to worry those close to them, some have families who live a distance away and some just don’t know where to turn for help.

So, we would like to encourage anyone Living with and Beyond Cancer to come and join us for a cuppa and a chat at the Morton Manor on Monday 2 March. Remember: it’s good to talk.

If you are not able to attend but want to know more about the support available through this service, please contacting Jane Macfarlane on 01768 800350 or email: janem@cumbriacvs.org.uk