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Our Patrons

Our Patrons

Helen Skelton-Myler

I was most surprised by the positivity of the staff, surprised is the wrong word; what I mean is the up beat nature of the nurses was overwhelming rather than surprising, but it certainly caught me off guard. One lady pointed out to me that their job is to make the last chapter of peoples’ lives as amazing as possible. I then realised what selfless and kind hearted people they are.

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Inglewood DL

The Hospice is a cheerful place. The point of the Hospice is to make the last chapter of life as worthwhile and meaningful as possible.

Fiona Armstrong

Some years ago I said goodbye to my dear colleague, Border TV's Eric Wallace, at the Hospice... He died surrounded by family and friends. I have long admired its work. It is such a positive, warm, caring place.

Sarah Dunning

Ann Graham

I have been involved with the Hospice since 1998, initially as a Trustee and latterly as a Patron. During that time I have seen the organisation evolve into an important point of palliative healthcare in Cumbria. As chairman of the Jigsaw Appeal we created a Children’s Hospice which is the only unit for Children with life limiting diseases in the region and outside the Cumbrian boundary.

All the tremendous work of the Hospice is achieved with a limited financial contribution from the NHS. The wonderful support from the Cumbrian community allows the service in both the Adult and Children’s units to be delivered. The role of all Patrons in assisting this fundraising is integral to the continued work of EVH.

Dr Adam Naylor MBE DL

I suppose it's the obvious one, but what most surprised me on my first visit to the Hospice was that it didn't seem to have just a solemn air. I expected it to be very professional, as it was, but I also expected it to be more sombre. I was also surprised and delighted to see how many volunteers had been recruited and what a variety of roles they were doing.

It has been an honour to have been associated with the Hospice over the last ten years.

Judith Pattinson

Paul Rose

“I am delighted to be Patron for Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice.

“These exceptionally challenging times are hard for us all. But the vital work of Jigsaw has been unreasonably affected as in this COVID-19 period they have lost 70% of their funding. This is devastating and has led to unwelcome cuts being made, redundancies having to be made, and if this continues there is a real worry for the future of the hospice.

“In this demanding period where every penny counts, we all have to be thoughtful where we focus our energies and resources. As Patron of all the Jigsaw activities I look forward to helping to bring awareness and recognition of their essential efforts. But at the moment I’m highly focussed on the funding crisis.”