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Letter from a Sharon, Hayley, Summer and Sonny

Letter from a Sharon, Hayley, Summer and Sonny

*First Published in 2019

The impact that Wendy made on not just our late father but myself, sister and our extending family was truly amazing. She was our guardian angel at the worst time of our lives. She showed professionalism at the highest standard throughout the last year of our father life through her in depth knowledge, care and support.

Before Wendy’s involvement, our father was not receiving the full care and support he needed. My sister and I had reached breaking point and unsure of the way to go with his care. Our GP who works alongside Wendy, knew that she was the only one who would be able to help. She was our light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Wendy was able to give our father the full support he needed and helped us in looking after ourselves and families alongside caring for our father. She was able to organise respite at Eden Valley Hospice. This was an amazing opportunity for our father as before this he was subjected to laying in his house and looking at four walls from the results of his ill health due to COPD. This little thing made a huge different in our fathers last year, as once an active man, he was again able to socialise with new people who were going through a similar experience to him.

Wendy went a step further by organising for his grandchildren’s school to sing at the Hospice Christmas concert. Our father was truly moved by this and was able to witness his grandchildren outside of his home.
During the last month of our father’s life, Wendy had a student social worker. She also made a huge impact with our father and helped him to make a CD of his favourite songs. This CD played nonstop on the last few days of our father life and is now a comfort for both my sister and me. It’s a little bit of our dad with us and we will be forever grateful.

Wendy is a truly amazing social worker. When our father passed away she was away on holiday but was still there for support, making sure that our fathers wishes and finals days where what he wanted and deserved.

Wendy made such a huge difference, more than any other at such a difficult time. We will never be able to thank her enough for all that she did for our father, ourselves and families.

Every person who goes in to palliative care deserves and needs a Wendy.

Love Sharon, Hayley, Summer and Sonny